NO on 66 Statement on Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project

“A new report by Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project shines a light on some of the prosecutors behind California’s Prop 66, a dangerous initiative on the November ballot that will increase the risk of executing an innocent person. The report finds that the nation’s most active death sentencing counties are plagued by prosecutorial misconduct, bad lawyering, and racial bias. These counties regularly sentence people to death who have crippling mental impairments and even some innocent people. One-third of the counties profiled in the report are in Southern California. The lead prosecutors from these counties are the individuals spear-heading the effort to pass Prop 66. The sole purpose of Prop 66 is to rush death penalty cases through the courts. The initiative does that by removing important legal safeguards in death penalty cases, including the right to present new evidence of innocence. Prop 66 is a costly and reckless experiment with justice and is the wrong direction for California.”

– Ana Zamora, Campaign Manager for No On Prop. 66