The No on Prop 66 campaign has released the following statement from the campaign director Ana Zamora:

“We would like nothing better than a criminal justice system that is responsive and fair. But California just made a mistake the size of Texas. We cannot say with any certainty that California will not execute an innocent person.

The proponents of Prop. 66 told voters that this measure would save them money, but that’s just not true. Worse yet, the initiative is so poorly written that it is legally and practically unworkable.

California voters can now expect more litigation, more delays, and more costs to taxpayers.

We’ll never know how many voters cast a ballot against their own views. This was one of the most chaotic and confusing elections on record. Voters were asked to weigh in on everything from condoms in adult films to marijuana to the death penalty. The ballot contained two death penalty initiatives with highly technical language that was even difficult for lawyers to understand.

In recent months, several polls have shown that given a clear choice, free of misleading promises and fear-based rhetoric, the majority of Californians prefer life in prison without the possibility of parole over the death penalty. We are certain that a great deal of confusion and frustration lowered support for Prop 62 and drove the vote for Prop. 66, which squeaked by with approximately 51% of the vote. This percentage may drop even further as additional votes are counted.

From day one, the No on Prop. 66 campaign warned that the measure will also will trigger additional costs to taxpayers. Poorly written initiatives often end up mired in costly and protracted litigation in California.

We don’t yet know the full impact of this flawed measure in human, legal, or economic terms. But we can say for certain that nothing good will come from it.

Prop. 66 is a false promise, and California deserves better.”