Prop 66 will increase California’s risk of executing innocent people.


More than 150 innocent people have been sentenced to death, and some have been executed because of poorly written laws like Prop 66. People like Cameron Todd Willingham and Carlos De Luna, both executed in Texas. Experts now say they were innocent.

READ the stories of Cameron Todd Willingham and Carlos De Luna.

Cameron Todd Willingham - with kid

Cameron Todd Willingham, innocent man executed in Texas in 2004.

Prop is a reckless experiment with justice.

  • Prop 66 is modeled after laws in Texas and other states that have led to miscarriages of justice and the execution of the innocent.
  • Prop 66 will lead to the appointment of unqualified counsel, leading to costly mistakes.
  • Prop 66 limits the ability to present new evidence of innocence.



If someone’s executed and later found innocent, we can’t go back.

– Judge LaDoris Cordell, Santa Clara County (retired)