Santa Cruz Sentinel and Monterey County Herald: Vote No on Prop 66

In an editorial echoed in the Monterey County Herald, the Santa Cruz Sentinel urges voters to vote no on Prop 66. The editorial surveys the wasteful failure that the current death system is, but concludes that Prop 66 is not the answer to a system that “hasn’t worked.”

Lamenting the excessive expense of capital punishment in California (“the state has spent $4 billion on maintaining the system”), the editorial reminds voters that public funds could be “better spent on law enforcement, education and family support — all of which would help prevent violent crime.”

Prop 66 won’t end death row waste — it will multiply it.  

The Monterey County Herald and Santa Cruz Sentinel are right, Prop 66 is not the reform California needs.  There are many reasons why Prop 66 will create more waste:

  • Prop 66 will lead to construction of new, taxpayer-funded death row facilities and authorizes the state to house death row inmates in new prisons anywhere in California.
  • Prop 66 will require taxpayers pay for as many as 400 lawyers to represent death row inmates in the new appeals it generates.
  • The costs of Prop 66 will be unevenly distributed, landing hardest on those counties that see disproportionately high death sentencing.

Prop 66 takes a bad system and makes it worse.  Vote no on prop 66.