Former Prosecutor calls Prop 66 “deceptive”

A former prosecutor calls Prop 66 “deceptive and the wrong choice for California.”  Darryl Stallworth, who has prosecuted more than 25 murder cases, declares that Prop 66 “only makes things worse and more expensive.”

Prop 66 Increases Costs for Local Counties

Citing a report from Loyola Law School, Stallworth explains how Prop 66 will cost counties millions in attorney fees and judicial resources.  For some counties the anticipated cost of Prop 66 is in excess of 20% of their existing judicial resources.

This is because Prop 66 “builds mini-death rows at local prisons, leaving county taxpayers to pick up the bill” and “[c]ounty budgets would be on the hook for defense attorney fees and expenses as well.”

Prop 66 Increases the Risk that Innocents Will be Killed

The worst part about Prop 66 is that it tries to cut corners on justice. In doing so, it increases the risk of executing an innocent person.

Darryl Stallworth

Stallworth warns that “mistakes will happen” when Prop 66 forces “unqualified attorneys to take death penalty cases.” As Stallworth points out, death penalty appeals are a “uniquely specialized area of law” and yet Prop 66 would force lawyers who do not specialize in death penalty law to take these cases.

There is no way that unwilling and unqualified lawyers defending people whose lives are on the line is the best way to achieve justice.