Judge LaDoris Cordell, Santa Clara Superior Court (Retired)


Judge LaDoris Cordell, Santa Clara Supreme Court (Retired)

As a former Superior Court Judge for California, I am very concerned that Prop 66 is a poorly written and confusing measure that will increase taxpayer costs and lead to expensive litigation.

Here’s what you need to know:  

  1. According to the state’s nonpartisan analysts, Prop. 66 would “increase taxpayer costs by tens of millions” with even more “unknown” costs beyond that.
  2. Prop. 66 wastes even more money on our prison system while our schools, hospitals and other priorities suffer.
  3. Prop. 66 will lead to construction of new, taxpayer-funded death row facilities and authorizes the state to house death row inmates in new prions, anywhere in California.
  4. Prop. 66 will also increase California’s taxpayer funded legal defense for death row inmates, requiring the state to hire as many as 400 new taxpayer-funded attorneys.

Our prison system already costs too much and we can’t afford to waste more money on a risky experiment like Prop. 66.Judge LaDoris Cordell, Santa Clara Superior Court (Retired)