Prop 66 is a confusing and poorly written initiative that will cost taxpayers millions, add layers of government bureaucracy leading to more delay and increase the risk that California executes an innocent person.

Prop 66 is not the real reform our criminal justice system needs. Instead, it is a costly and reckless experiment with justice. 

Learn more about the unintended consequences of Prop 66:

  1. Increases Risk of Executing an Innocent Person
  2. Increases Taxpayer Costs by Millions
  3. Creates Bureaucratic Nightmare, Causing More Delay


Combing through the initiative’s 16 pages is like looking through the first draft of an undergraduate paper. The wording is vague, unfocused and feels tossed off. 

– SF Weekly

Click here to read the full text of Prop 66 and here to read the fiscal analysis from the Legislative Analyst’s Office.