Timothy Atkins

Timothy is welcomed upon his release.

County of Conviction
: Los Angeles, California

Race: African American

Wrongful Conviction: First-degree murder, armed robbery

Exonerated Date: 2007

Years Served: 23

Atkins was wrongfully convicted of one count of murder and two counts of robbery on July 28, 1987, after being identified by a woman who witnessed her husband shot in the chest during an attempted carjacking. The police were led to Atkins when a woman named Denise Powell told police that Atkins had confessed to being an accomplice in the killing. Years later, Denise testified that she fabricated the story of Atkins’s confession. Powell recanted the testimony that helped convict Atkins, saying that she made the confession up and was afraid of changing her story after lying to police.

Atkins was released in 2007, after served 23 years.

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Source: California Innocence Project