Reggie Cole

Reggie ColeCounty of Conviction: Los Angeles, California

Race: African American

Wrongful Conviction: Murder

Exonerated Date: 2010

Years Served: 16

In 2010, Reggie Cole was released from prison 16 years after he was sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Felipe Angeles in 1994. Reggie was convicted based on the fabricated testimony of John Jones, who testified that he saw Reggie shoot Angeles. Jones’ testimony went unchallenged until 2007, when Cole faced the death penalty for the murder of Eddie Eugene Clark, who Reggie stabbed in self-defense during a prison fight 2000. After five years, John testified he did not tell the whole truth, because he received his description of the shooter from his daughters, who testified that she saw the shooter on the night of the incident and then again on her birthday April 11, 1994. By April 11, 1994, Cole was in custody. On April 15, 2009, he was exonerated.

Source: California Innocence Project

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