Michael Graham

Michael GrahamState of Conviction: Louisiana

Race: White

Wrongful Conviction: Murder

Exonerated Date: 2000

Years Served: 14

When Michael Graham was released from Louisiana’s death row in December 2000, he was given a $10 check for transportation (bus fare cost $127; his lawyer paid for it) and a state-issued denim jacket several sizes too large. He and his co-defendant, Albert Burrell, were accused of the murder of an elderly couple despite a lack of physical evidence and unreliable witnesses. During their trial, the prosecution withheld key evidence and utilized three witnesses who later recanted their testimony. The chief witness had made a plea agreement with the prosecution, even though Brantley had a record of mental instability. A judge noted that “the case against Mr. Graham and Mr. Burrell is so weak that it never should have been brought to the grand jury.” DNA tests later proved that blood found at the victims’ home did not belong to Michael or Albert Burrell.

Source: Witness to Innocence

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