Johnny Williams

Johnny WilliamsCounty of Conviction: Alameda County, California

Race: African American

Wrongful Conviction: Forcible lewd conduct against a child, attempted rape

Exonerated Date: 2013

Years Served: 14

Johnny Williams was wrongfully convicted because of eyewitness error and false confession. The survivor selected Johnny’s photo from a lineup, because her mother believed Johnny was the attacker. Johnny denied more than 45 times committing any sexual assault, but after police claimed to have dozens of witnesses, a security video, and DNA evidence showing that he did it, Williams confessed in frustration. When pressed further, he continued denying involvement. Detectives repeatedly told Johnny that were not going to prosecute him, but to him help for a sexual problem. After further investigation and a retrial, the Alameda County Superior Court overturned the conviction.

Source: Northern California Innocence Project

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