Derrick Jamison

Derrick JamisonState of Conviction: Ohio

Race: African American

Wrongful Conviction: Robbery, Murder

Exonerated Date: 2005

Years Served: 20

There is a double standard when it comes to justice in our judicial system, especially with wrongful conviction. If you are a minority or a low-income citizen, the pursuit of justice can be an elusive one. But if you are rich, it happens overnight.

Derrick Jamison spent nearly 20 years on Ohio’s death row for a murder and robbery he did not commit. In addition to key evidence exonerating being withheld during trial, his co-defendant was promised a reduced sentence in exchange for implicating Derrick. Based on this false testimony, Derrick was convicted in 1985. In February 2005, all charges against Derrick were dismissed three years after his conviction was overturned. Two federal courts ruled that the prosecution’s actions denied Derrick a fair trial.

Source: Witness to Innocence

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