Carlos De Luna

 carlos-deluna-innocent_zpsf3eda347 (1)State Conviction: Texas

Race: Latino

Wrongful Conviction: Robbery, Murder

Wrongfully Executed Date: 1989

EXECUTED and INNOCENTCarlos De Luna was convicted and sentenced to death in 1983 even though no blood evidence, DNA evidence, or fingerprints linked him to the crime. He was identified by only one witness. Carlos, like everyone facing the death penalty, could not afford his own attorneys and was represented at trial by unqualified court-appointed attorneys. One of his attorneys was a former prosecutor who had never handled a criminal defense case. Just six years later, De Luna was executed. But another man – Carlos Hernandez – bragged to at least five people that he actually committed the crime. Hernandez and De Luna look remarkably similar: when shown photos of the two men side by side, even their family members can’t tell them apart. Experts now believe Texas made a mistake when it executed 27-year-old Carlos De Luna.

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